About Us

Branch meetings are held in the morning on the second Saturday of the month from September through May at the Aurora History Museum, 15051 E. Alameda Parkway, Aurora, Colorado 80012.

Officers 2018 – 2019

Past President Pam Jones 2018-20
 Joan Brown 2018-20

Vice President, Programs

Bobbie Rubin 2019-20

Carol Tobiassen 2019-21

Vice President, Membership Judy DeTar 2018-20
Treasurer Joan McCracken 2019-21
Secretary Jugbeh Charles 2018-20
Newsletter Editor Leslie Jenkins 2019-21
Education Interests Pam Jones  2019-21
Interest Groups Su Ryden 2018-20
Public Policy Joan Peterson  2018-20
Communications Debra Parcheta & Donna Corriveau 2018-20
Historian Arlene Howard  2018-20
Local Scholarship Chairs Jeannie Miller and Betty Anne Budy 2019-21
Legal Advocacy Fund Danielle Badura 2019-2020
Educational Opportunity Fund Pam Spry 2019-2020
Bylaws Sue Bodis 2019-2020
Hospitality Pat Horton & Alice Lee Main 2019-20


Our interest groups are very active and also meet monthly.  Presently the groups include book discussions, culture & cuisine, hiking, bridge, and Great Decisions.

At the national level, we contribute to AAUW’s  Eleanor Roosevelt Fund, the Educational Opportunities Fund and the Legal Advocacy Fund.

Locally, we support a college scholarship given annually to an Aurora resident completing her/his junior or senior year at a Colorado college or university.  We also partner with the Community College of Aurora to sponsor Equal Pay Day, an event that focuses on the issues surrounding equal pay, pay equity, and gender based discrimination. 

NerdWallet, a financial literacy site, ranked Aurora, Colorado as the best large city for women to work in the nation. The June 9, 2014 report considered Women’s earnings, Income equality, and Population growth.

Thanks to higher-than-average recent population growth, a low cost of living and a relatively high level of income equality between women and men, Aurora ranks as the best large city for working women. Aerospace, defense, bioscience, renewable energy and transportation are the major industries in our city.

Past Presidents

Margaret Toppel 1963–64
Dorothy Gifford 1964–66
Dorothy Pearson 1966–68
Annabelle Dunning 1968–70
Ruth Anne Windmiller 1970–72
Patricia Farnham 1972–74
Lucille French 1974–76
Carole Gilland 1976–78
Joan Iverson 1978–80
Miki Gash 1980–82
Ruth Whitmore 1982–84
Liz Carder 1984–86
Rosemary Chojnacki 1986–88
Suzanne Bodis 1988–90
Ruth Fountain 1990–92
Terri Gehler 1992–94
Alice Lee Main 1994–96
Artimese Cowan 1996–98
Joan Peterson 1998–00
Carol Anderson 2001–04
Pat Lord 2004–06
Jean Balint 2006–08
Ingrid Lindemann 2008–10
Jane McGrath 2010–12
Cheryl Wilderman 2012-14
Terry Campbell Caron

Pam Jones